Broker Forex Trading Point

Los mejores brokers de opciones binarias 2020:

    1er lugar! El mejor broker de opciones binarias!
    Ideal para principiantes! Entrenamiento gratis! Bonos de registro!


    Broker honesto!

Broker Forex Trading Point

To view the updated page please visit the updated forex broker homepage on XM.

In forex trading when we mention the word forex broker we describe the financial firm which has been granted a license by a reputable exchange commission to offer an online forex brokerage service which will allow end users to trade with the use of the internet by connecting to a server which offers market access and trade execution services, through an online trading platform, in foreign exchange markets, CFDs, international equities, commodities and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF).

Each broker may pick to use a different trading platform which can be shared by numerous organizations or various trading firms and each forex broker can have an entirely separate trading methodology although offerings to other rivals might be similar. Similar to stock market trading the forex broker has the duty and the task to mediate between the buyer and the seller with the slight difference that in the case of a forex broker just like the entity which is described as the forex broker does not mediate himself but mediates by offering the support, the banking and the added benefits to make the trading software he adopts as appealing, efficient and user friendly to the private trader which has selected to execute online trades from the very own convenience of his home, his office or while on the go simply by registering an account with an online forex broker.

Before you find the appropriate forex broker for your needs it is important to understand what forex brokers are first of all so your selection is based on knowledge and understanding. The term forex broker can have many different meanings within the Foreign Exchange Trading markets, especially in the street jargon. At its basic meaning forex brokers are the entity that stands between the trader (yourself) and the actual forex market. It is the entity/platform, where you will post your wanted transaction and they will be executed in the market. In the days we live almost all forex brokers adopt online platform(s) from which you can trade directly in the foreign exchange. Within the platform you provide the broker – through the platform – with your transaction (buy or sell) and the broker will execute it in the market. In other words the brokers dealing room goes to the market finds what you want to buy/sell and executes the transaction for you. Bear in mind that the foreign exchange market is what we call OTC (over the counter), so there is no formal exchange center like in the case of shares, but all interested parties that buy or sell currencies make up the market.

Thus for the retail customer forex brokers can be considered as his/her entry point to the foreign exchange market. Forex brokers in this case can be an entity that provides you with an online platform or telephone access to market data and transaction execution. As an online currency and commodity trader in order to be able to reach out to the forex market you are required to maintain an account with a forex broker as you are classified in the category of individuals which trade forex and the relative products offerings of a forex platform for speculative retail reasons. As a speculative forex trader you do not trade currencies in order to enhance your business activities but clearly for the reason of accumulating a profit from the fluctuations the forex market presents.

Your forex broker will execute your transactions on time (high importance), the forex brokerwill hold your trading capital (high importance) for you to be able to trade, he will provide you through their platform with real time prices (high importance) for you to make accurate decisions, but he will also train you to use their platform and trade on the forex markets, provide you with analysis/expectations of the trading item you choose and also assist you in all forex trading needs you might have.

Los mejores brokers de opciones binarias 2020:

    1er lugar! El mejor broker de opciones binarias!
    Ideal para principiantes! Entrenamiento gratis! Bonos de registro!


    Broker honesto!

Best Forex Brokers

As the number of brokers increases together with the increase of popularity of online trading the task of selecting the appropriate forex broker is becoming increasingly difficult due to the huge number of brokerages currently online, with all different services, costs and regulations.

Selecting or distinguishing the best forex broker is a very broad saying as a number of the forex brokers available offer a very similar service and even the same platform altogether. What makes the difference in each of the firms operating an online forex brokerage site is the added benefits and the overall package which comes together with the platform which includes features including support, deposit and withdraw options, forex coaching, execution methodology, possibilities for forex managed accounts and most importantly a registered license to operate which supports proof of financial ability and therefore a guarantee that the traders funds are safe and guaranteed from a respected chain of banks to which the trading firm operating a forex brokerage online is associated with.

What are the differences between Forex Brokers?

The differences between the various forex brokers are many and should be reviewed before choosing the forex broker you will trust with your money and use their platform to enter the forex market. Regulated by a Financial Regulator in a country, which and for how long. Platform used by the forex broker. Type of account and technical details. Different forex brokers have different type of accounts in size, lots of trade, commission received, leverage, rollover interest policy and other technical’s that will increase or decrease your risk and cost management for each trade. Level of information and service: Each forex broker provides their clients with different level of analytical information and service. Some have online chat sessions, answer emails and phones immediately, provide their customers with deep and accurate information/predictions, watch the trades of their customers and intervene when needed. Some forex brokers provide advanced information, as charts and analyses for free, some other provide it as a premium service.

Last but not least – does the forex broker suit your need? Do you feel comfortable with the platform, at the same time with their customer service, the information and training they provide, their payment in and out policies, as well as your cost of trading. Does it all make you feel comfortable? Its important.

7 Tough Questions to ask yourself and your forex broker;

Its crucial that you get an understanding of some basic terms and some basic key points which distinguish forex brokers from one another before moving forward with depositing funds and trading. Getting a vital understanding of some fundamental information which make brokers different from one another and moreover make brokers worth trying or making brokers worth staying away from altogether; understanding these will keep you safe from getting a sour taste of the forex market and will therefore keep you on the safe side of learning, improvising and implementing a forex trading strategy which can potentially earn you profitable trades.

Where is your online trading broker licensed?

Although quite a basic question; you should be asking yourself where your broker is licensed as it’s only reasonable that a forex broker which is regulated by a respected authority or a respected commission is most likely worth his title and therefore is performing services within the boundaries set by his regulator which has granted him his license. Moreover you should realize that trading with a licensed broker means you got a door to knock if something goes wrong. Generally speaking the first thing a broker will take the time to do is safeguard his license as it most likely cost him a respected amount of money to get things done by the book in order to get a license in the first place so he wouldn’t likely jeopardize losing it by mistreating a customer.

Respected banks and reputable electronic wallets which are the primary gateway of income to any online business simply do not issue bank accounts for companies that cannot prove their legitimate existence and cannot prove that they are not associated with money laundering so its more of a case that a license is they key to banking which at the end of the day is the piece of the puzzle which cannot be missing in order for a company to be competitive.

Almost every broker we have come across somehow advertises offers for the lowest and tightest spreads of the industry when in reality there’s so much behind the chapter called spreads meaning that you are not really getting the other flip of the coin when you are coming across a banner saying the lowest spreads in the market. Does your broker publish his spreads? These are questions you better start asking yourself before you fill in the registration form and share your personal details with another broker which will most likely start giving you a sales pitch over the phone in the next hour after you register trying to convince you to deposit funds and get going trading on his revolutionary platform which in most cases is the same as what everybody else offers.

You got to understand that whats in the box is more or less the same at most brokers and that’s not to be criticized as there is a reason why the majority of forex brokers you have come across are offering MT4 solutions. The answer is surely not because it’s the easy way out or the cheap way to do things as it does cost a fortune to license the MT4 software itself. Going back to the offerings what you should grasp on is that its not what’s in the box that matters when it comes to forex brokers but how the actual box is delivered. Coming back to our topic here; spreads; you should be fully aware of all the typical spreads for not only the typical currency pairs but for each and every currency pair and trading instrument offered within a forex broker. Why? Simply because if you decide to move out of the league and trade a non typical currency pair you shouldn’t find yourself paying a fortune which will most likely average out the so called competitive spreads offered by your broker on the popular and widespread pairs.

Do spreads vary accordingly to size?

If you’re a newcomer to the forex market you are most likely starting off with a micro or mini forex trading account; right? Well go through the hassle of asking your forex broker if his spreads apply to all account sizes; you should be aware that in many cases attractive advertisements of low spreads only apply to big accounts and are therefore reserved for the sharks. Make sure you are not with a capitalistic broker that eats up his small traders but pats his big boys on the back with better spreads.

Ok so the spread is cool; all is good; its tight, it applies across the border and all seems just too good to be true; is your broker charging you a cap on top of the spread as commission for his services; makes sure your not been offered spreads that come in a pair with a commission which will be evening out the so called competitive spreads you are being offered. Commission schemes and other charging plans which have been observed at forex brokers till today include a monthly fee for maintenance of account; minimum fee for maintenance of account when a minimum trading volume is not achieved or last a monthly commission fee for making use of the platform offered to you for “free” by your broker.

Does anyone other than the firm itself get paid as a result of my trading activity?

Have you been referred to a broker by a middleman? When you have either under your consent or without you realizing landed in to a forex broker through a middleman it is very likely that you are getting charged a premium to cover the portion of commission the middleman is getting from every single order you execute. As you can understand brokers advertise their services through mass media, through news portals, through investment research portals, through ad networks and moreover through affiliate programs so make sure the fee paid for the media is not getting charged to your bill. Serious brokers put the expense of advertising on their own bill and do not charge or adjust the spread in order to cover middleman costs so be aware you are not paying a premium to a small time salesman.

Important, Important, Important! You see tight spreads going as low as 0.9 pips for example and it looks neat; the question here is will you have the luxury of getting near them or will you be provided a requote every time the market is in your favour and you need the tight spreads to make a profit? We recommend you select a broker with a no requite policy or at least select to trade with a broker that is honest enough to declare that he does offer the tightest spreads but he does offer requotes during breaking news or important announcements.

Do I have unlimited access to a live demo platform?

Do your demo accounts work similarly with your live accounts is the first question I would ask my broke as I wouldn’t want to be caught in a broker that offers a sweet demo version but has tweaked the live with different execution policy and moreover with different spreads. Moreover you should be aware to select a broker with a non expiring demo account as expiring demo accounts can mean that you will be most likely harassed by the sales team of your demo provider to switch to real when the demo period elapses although you might not be really ready to enter online trading with real funds yet due to lack of experience and knowledge. Practice makes perfect so make sure you select a broker that offers non expiring demo accounts.

Broker Forex Trading Point

Welcome to the corporate website of Trading Point Holdings, owner of XM and

Our Brands is a next-generation financial service provider of online trading on forex and CFDs (stocks, stock indices, precious metals, energies), with no re-quotes, no rejections, and real-time market execution.

As a multi-awarded online investment provider, XM distinguishes itself by virtue of its business ethics, business transparency and innovative spirit to create outstanding customer experience for both beginner and professional retail investors across several continents. is a financial services provider with a revolutionary new approach to online investing services in currency exchange and CFDs on stocks, stock indices, commodities, energies and precious metals.

Established to serve a new generation of retail investors, offers a new trading experience with simple and straightforward services for clients to trade on over 1,200 markets from a single account, with fast direct execution and no requotes.


  • Regulated by FCA – No. 705428
  • Regulated by IFSC – No. 60/354/TS/19
  • Regulated by ASIC – No. 443670
  • Regulated by CySec – No. 120/10

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Risk Warning: Forex, Commodities, Options and CFDs (OTC Trading) are leveraged products
that carry a substantial risk of loss up to your invested capital and may not be suitable for everyone.
Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved and do not invest money you cannot afford to lose.
Please refer to our full Risk Disclosure.

Important note: Trading Point
does not provide services for citizens of the United States of America.

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XM Review, News and Promotions

XM real time & average spread

XM execution and slippage

Slippage is the difference between the price at which the order has been placed and the price at which it has been executed by the broker. The less slippage you get, the better your trading results will be.

Our slippage data about XM is sampled by 10 of the most popular forex trading strategies in

XM slippage with Kama-spot trading strategy

Kama-spot is a forex trading strategy, based on technical analysis. It trades mainly EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CHF

Average profit: 14.0 pips
Average trade lifespan: 19 hours
Most traded pairs: EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CHF

XM slippage with Saved FX trading strategy

Average profit: 16.0 pips

Average trade lifespan: 1 day

XM slippage with Qurenix trading strategy

Average profit: 9.0 pips

Average trade lifespan: 5 hours

XM slippage with Forex Cruise Control trading strategy

Average pips/trade: 5.0

Average trade lifespan: 18 hours

XM slippage with For333 trading strategy

Average pips/trade: 12.0

Average trade lifespan: 15 hours

XM slippage with Azar Consulting trading strategy

Average profit: 28.0 pips

Average trade lifespan: 3 days

XM slippage with The Best Player trading strategy

Average profit: 22.0 pips

Average trade lifespan: 13 hours

XM slippage with Xiaolidao trading strategy

Average pips/trade: 9.0 pips

Average trade lifespan: 1 day

XM slippage with Youron trading strategy

Average profit: 9.0 pips

Average trade lifespan: 11 hours

XM slippage with Duanxian(GBP\USD) trading strategy

Average profit: 10.0 pips

Trading Accounts

Account type Minimum deposit Minimum trade size Maximum leverage Average Spreads
Micro $5 0.01 1:500 1.7 pip on EUR/USD
Standard $5 0.01 1:500 1.7 pip on EUR/USD
Zero $100 0.01 1:500 0.1 pips on EUR/USD + $7 / lot (round trip)

XM offers its clients three types to choose from: Micro, Standard and Zero. You may choose from commission-free trading (in Micro and Standard accounts) or tighter spreads, involving commission fees and higher initial deposit (Zero account). The broker offers high leverage levels and floating spreads. Beginners can sign up for Micro accounts with as little as $5, and micro lots are available for trade on all accounts.

What is more, swap-free (Islamic) accounts are available, designated for clients who are not willing to earn interest for religious reasons.

The Company. Security of Funds

Company Country Regulation
Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd. Cyprus CySEC
Trading Point of Financial Instruments PTY Ltd. Australia ASIC

Based on the sunny island of Cyprus, XM offers great trading conditions for trading in a wide range of instruments, including currency trading, CFDs on commodities, indices, precious metals, energies and stocks on two trading platforms (MT4 and MT5). What is more, XM provides ultra-fast execution (99.35% of all trades executed in less than 1 second), as well as awesome bonuses & promotions.

XM is a brand name of Trading Point Holdings Ltd, which wholly owns Trading Point of Financial Instruments Pty Ltd (XM Australia) and Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd (XM Cyprus).

CySEC and ASIC apply certain rules and requirements to regulated firms, which are not as stringent as those in the US, for instance, however they provide a good level of credibility. Besides, licensed brokers are required to keep customer funds in segregated accounts, separated from the company’s operating funds.

As a further guarantee to clients’ funds, all companies regulated in Cyprus are covered by compensation schemes as additional guarantee to clients funds. All deposits with a Cyprus regulated forex broker up to EUR 20,000 per client are guaranteed by the Investor Compensation Fund.

Currently, however, Australian forex brokers are not covered by any compensation scheme.

The XM group also includes Belize-registered XM Global, as well as Trading Point of Financial Instruments UK Ltd (XM UK), a company authorized by the Financial Conduct Austhority in the UK. It currently operates brand. The latter is also expected to launch in the US, as XM has also applied for authorization with the National Futures Association (NFA).

Trading Conditions

Minimum Initial Deposit

In order to open an account with XM, traders have to invest just $5. Such low minimum initial amount is rather attractive, as typically brokers require $100 – $300 as a start.

Spreads & Commissions

This broker offers variable spreads. The typical ones on commission-free accounts amount to 1.7 pips on EUR/USD. According to us, the conditions on the Zero account are better: spreads averaged 0.1 pips on EUR/USD and commission $3.5 per standard lot traded (per side). So, basically trading costs on the Zero account amount to around 0.8 pips, commission included, which is a great offer. What is more, you can open a Zero account with just $100.

XM offers flexible leverage between 1:1 to 1:500. Using leverage means that you can trade positions larger than the amount of money in your trading account. Leverage amount is expressed as a ratio, for instance 50:1, 100:1, or 500:1. Assuming that you have $1,000 in your trading account and you trade ticket sizes of 500,000 USD/JPY, your leverage will equate 500:1.

Trading Platforms

When trading with this broker, you will be offered both MetaQuuotes;s platforms – the Metatrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5).

MT4 is an internationally acclaimed trading software, offering a full array of trading tools and features: more than 50 built-in technical indicators, advanced charting package, a wide range of Expert Advisors (EAs) and extensive back-testing options for them. Traders can download ready-made or create their own EAs and let the program do all the work, no human emotions involved. The MT4 with XM is availavle in all forms and shapes: desktop, web, and mobile.

What is more, XM provides MT4 MultiTerminal, which offers a practical and convenient way to manage multiple accounts simultaneously from a single interface (PAMM).

Recently MetaQuotes has been putting a stronger emphasis on the MT5: the hedging function was finally added to it and all versions of the platform have been ehanced. As a result, the number of brokers that support the platform has been on the increase. XM also followed suit and added it to its offerings.

Besides, free Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is offered to both new and existing customers of XM who deposit a minimum of $5,000 and trade at least 5 round turn lots per month. VPS hosting allows the execution of orders 24 hours, 5 days a week.

– Free VPS for clients who maintain a balance (Equity-Credit) USD 5,000 or currency equivalent. No end date for this promotion;

– $30 Non-Deposit Trading Bonus for new clients only. No end date for this promotion;

– The two-tier deposit bonus offers 50% deposit bonus up to $500 and 20% deposit bonus up to $5,000. No end date for this promotion;

– The XM Loyalty Program offers the clients XM Points (XMP) per lot traded. These XMP can be redeemed at any time for credit bonus which can be used for trading purposes only. No end date for this promotion.

*Clients registered under Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd are not eligible for bonuses.

Deposit/Withdraw Methods

XM accepts the most commonly used Local Payment methods today including Credit/Debit Card, Neteller, Skrill, Bank Wire Transfer, etc. Their coverage is quite extensive and adds more flexibility on adding funds into the account

XM covers all deposit and withdrawal transfer fees for payments made via Neteller, Moneybookers and all major credit cards (including VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro and China UnionPay). Additionally, all deposits and withdrawals above 200 USD processed by wire transfer are also included in our zero fees policy.


XM is a EU award-winning broker that offers wide range of trading products and account types on two great platforms under competitive conditions. What is more, it provides Negative Balance Protection, as well as lucrative bonuses to its clients. To sum up the above, here are the advantages and drawbacks with regards to this broker:

Pros Cons
Well-regulated (ASIC and CySEC licenses) No significant disadvantages
Negative Balance Protection
Low trading costs on the Zero account
MT4 and MT5 available
Attractive Promotions
Fast execution speed
  • XM launches MetaTrader5, extends product portfolio Mar 06 2020 14:42:21
  • $30 Welcome No-Deposit Forex Bonus by XM Feb 15 2020 09:47:43
  • 100% Forex Bonus by XM Feb 07 2020 12:25:52
  • XM is only forex broker in World Finance 100 2020 list Jan 18 2020 12:47:05
  • XM acquires a FCA license, commences operations in the UK Nov 22 2020 14:32:26
  • XM inks sponsorship deal with the fastest human – sprinter Usain Balt Nov 15 2020 12:31:46
  • XM applies for South African forex license with FSB Oct 10 2020 10:36:17
  • XM announces sponsorship of Saudi Arabia football club Al-Nassr Mar 23 2020 16:55:50
  • XM partners with forex rebate service provider PayBackFX Mar 18 2020 15:38:23
  • XM launches Zero Spread forex accounts Feb 17 2020 15:27:55
  • XM launches web version of MT4 forex trading platform Nov 06 2020 11:47:40
  • XM to Sponsor 6th Saudi Money Expo in May Apr 17 2020 13:40:02
  • XM Organizes Lucky Draw for Introducing Brokers Apr 02 2020 13:24:24
  • XM to Act as Platinum Sponsor of Moscow’s 16th Forex Expo Mar 31 2020 11:39:27
  • XM Announces Forex Training Tour in MENA Region Mar 10 2020 10:15:03
  • Forex Social Welfare: XM Supports UNICEF Mar 03 2020 07:22:51
  • XM Facilitates Forex Withdrawals with Branded Cards Feb 20 2020 19:37:21
  • XM Receives Australian Forex License Feb 19 2020 09:55:23
  • XM Gets Recognition from Investors in People Feb 04 2020 08:16:20
  • XM Launches Big Small Contest with $2,000 Prize Pool Jan 29 2020 14:23:46
  • XM Gives $20 for Free to Each Participant in Contest Arena Jan 21 2020 13:03:53
  • 2020 in Review: XM (XEMarkets) Dec 24 2020 08:00:00
  • XM Boasts Three Prestigious Forex Awards Dec 10 2020 10:31:30
  • XM Now Offers Automatic Withdrawals from Trading Accounts Nov 29 2020 14:48:16
  • XM Revolutionizes Forex World with $500,000 Contest Arena Oct 21 2020 13:51:16
  • XM Introduces Forex VPS Service for Fans of Automated Trading Oct 14 2020 18:27:31
  • XM Launches Global IB Tour to Link to Forex Partners Sep 13 2020 13:03:01
  • XM Adds RUB, PLN and HUF to Line-up of Account Currencies Sep 12 2020 07:44:50
  • XM Marks the End of Summer with Special Bonus for New Clients Sep 09 2020 14:28:53
  • XM Gives $100 Bonus for Accurate Non Farm Payroll Forecast Sep 04 2020 15:15:25
  • XM Invites You to Join its Live Forex Seminars in Malaysia Aug 30 2020 07:05:17
  • XM Adds Raft of Methods for Forex Deposits Aug 20 2020 14:07:08
  • XM Launches Gold and Silver Contest with Prize Fund of $9,999 Aug 19 2020 14:06:44
  • FX Responsibility: XM Supports Charity Campaign for Children Aug 12 2020 14:36:37
  • XM Expands Further: Gets Registration from New Zealand’s FSP Aug 02 2020 14:57:11
  • XM Announces $20,000 Real Forex Contest Winners Jul 30 2020 13:48:49
  • XEMarkets Gives the Boot to Social Forex Networks ZuluTrade and Tradency Jul 19 2020 08:39:02
  • Registration for XEMarkets’ August Demo Forex Contest Is Now Open Jul 16 2020 11:59:44
  • Claim an Exclusive 100% Deposit Forex Bonus by XEMarkets Jul 03 2020 14:47:44
  • Global Forex Broker XEMarkets Moves to Jun 24 2020 14:55:32
  • Domo Arigato: XEMarkets Finds Its Best Japanese Forex Trader Jun 12 2020 08:46:05
  • Top Up Your Profit at XEMarkets with $20,000 Jun 03 2020 09:48:29
  • Double Your Deposit: XE Markets’ New 100% Bonus May 27 2020 09:23:09
  • XEMarkets To Hold a Live Seminar at LSE May 23 2020 13:21:27
  • Knock Out the Competition and Win the $10,000 Prize Pool from XEMarkets May 10 2020 11:39:53
  • XEMarkets Starts Broadcasting Free Forex Trading Signals May 06 2020 11:55:14
  • XEMarkets Forex Seminar Tour Continues Around the Globe Apr 16 2020 13:52:28
  • XEMarkets Entices Apple Fans via Launch of MT4 for Mac Apr 08 2020 13:02:09
  • XEMarkets Awarded as Trading Platform with Best Execution at 10th China Finance Expo Mar 14 2020 09:46:44
  • LSE Champions Share ВЈ8,500 in XEMarket’s Forex Demo Competition Mar 04 2020 08:14:20
  • XEMarkets Offers 100% up to $30,000 Deposit Bonus Feb 12 2020 16:42:45
  • XEMarkets Sends A Lucky Trader to Watch F1 in Malaysia Jan 29 2020 09:35:41
  • XEMarkets Gives Away ВЈ8,500 to University Students Jan 21 2020 14:11:37
  • 2020 In Review: XEMarkets (Trading Point) Dec 26 2020 05:30:00
  • XEMarkets – Part of Mirror Trader’s Cypriot Expansion Dec 05 2020 13:29:27
  • Trading Point Consolidates All Its Brands Under XEMarkets Nov 01 2020 14:00:37
  • XEMarkets announces Double Up Welcome Forex Bonus Oct 23 2020 10:44:18
  • XEMarkets Offers 50% Reload Bonus for New and Existing Accounts Oct 01 2020 14:02:14
  • Forex Seminar Workshop with XEMarkets in Malaysia Sep 02 2020 08:49:44
  • Trading Point launches a new brand: Jul 09 2020 08:56:37
  • Trading Point launches 100% forex bonus promotion May 22 2020 11:21:43
  • Trading Point announces up to 100% bonus for existing clients May 18 2020 14:43:07
  • Forex success story: How Mr. Weeler made $1 000 000? Jan 13 2020 14:23:38
  • Trading Point launches six new forex trading platforms Dec 27 2020 10:20:53
  • Trading Point adds Webmoney and Liberty reserve as funding options Nov 18 2020 17:03:28
  • Trading Point announces the launch of its MT4 MAM system Nov 11 2020 14:00:58

less news.

Broker Advantages

FXTM a regulated forex broker (regulated by CySEC, FCA and FSC), offering ECN trading on MT4 an MT5 platforms. Traders can start trading with as little as $10 and take advantage of tight fixed and variable spreads, flexible leverage and swap-free accounts.

XM is broker with great bonuses and promotions. Currently we are loving its $30 no deposit bonus and deposit bonus up to $5000. Add to this the fact that it’s EU-regulated and there’s nothing more you can ask for.

FXCM is one of the biggest forex brokers in the world, licensed and regulated on four continents. FXCM wins our admirations with its over 200,000 active live accounts and daily trading volumes of over $10 billion.

FxPro is a broker we are particularly keen on: it’s regulated in the UK, offers Metatrader 4 (MT4) and cTrader – where the spreads start at 0 pips, Level II Pricing and Full Market Depth. And the best part? With FxPro you get negative balance protection.

FBS is a broker with cool marketing and promotions. It runs an loyalty program, offers a $100 no-deposit bonus for all new clients outside EU willing to try out its services, and an FBS MasterCard is also available for faster deposits and withdrawals.

FxChoice is a IFSC regulated forex broker, serving clients from all over the world. It offers premium trading conditions, including high leverage, low spreads and no hedging, scalping and FIFO restrictions.

HotForex is a EU Regulated broker, offering wide variety of trading accounts, including Auto, Social and Zero spread accounts. The minimum intial deposit for a Micro account is only $50 and is combined with 1000:1 leverage – one of the highest in the industry.

Broker Country Regulation Platform Min Deposit Review
Cyprus, UK, Mauritius CySec, FCA, FSC MT4, MT5, Web $10 Review Website
Cyprus, SVG CySEC MT5, Web,
$100 Review Website
Australia, Cyprus ASIC, CySEC MT4, MT5, Iress $100 Review Website
Cyprus, Australia CySec, ASIC MT4, MT5 $5 Review Website
UK, Australia, South Africa FCA, ASIC, FSCA MT4, Trading
$50 Review Website
UK, Australia, Singapore FCA, ASIC, MAS, BaFin MT4, Web,
$0 Review Website
UK, Cyprus, UAE, South Africa FCA, CySEC, DFSA, FSB MT4, MT5, FxPro
$100 Review Website
Cyprus CySEC MT4, MT5, Web $1 Review Website
Belize IFSC MT4, MT5 $100 Review Website
Cyprus, UK, South Africa, UAE CySec, FCA, FSCA, DFSA MT4, MT5, Web $5 Review Website
UK FCA MT5 $5 Review Website
UK FCA MT4, Web, MT4
for Mac
$100 Review Website

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about investment

I have an amount of 10000 USD I needed to invest this money in your broker and you will work it for me then I will pay your profit commission will you accept this kind of business.

Xm Is Good But Not Great.

I have been using Xm for 2 year but for 1 year i have not been actively using the platform till a friend gave me the strategy to use with it early this year and it’s been great using it to make loads of money. i mean i have made thousands using the Fib Fusion Strategy and Xm broker and i am happy about that but what i am not happy about is the Customer representative they have at XM they are very rude and it makes me sick i made a withdrawal request and it took about 7 days to pull through and during this period i was contacting the customer support and all i got was rude representatives something really has to be done about that.


Swaps negativos, spreads altìsimos y es MARKET MAKER

I trade with XM since 2020

I trade with XM for about 4 years now and fulltime since the last 3. Regarding trade executions, spreads, withdrawals and customer support I can say from my past experience that they are very good compared to two other brokers which
IВґve been trading with for about the same time now – FxPro (since 2020) and IC Markets (since 2020). I use their own debit card service as well which is tied directly to my MT4 account and works great for me, because I donВґt have to use credit cards or wait several days for wire transfers. My personal customer support manager calls me or writes me an email twice a year to make sure that everything is working good and she is always friendly and helpful. I can recommend this broker.

Advce from XM`s longtime client

All brokers are more or less the same. However, in order to make money, you need knowledge and skills. Someone said that you need 10,000 doing something in order to become an expert, and they were right.
I have used for a long time and I am happy with it: no requotes and no withdrawal problems. Prior to that I`ve changed brokers often, because I though since I lose money, they are scammers. At some point I realized my emotions, trading system and (lack of) patience was the problem.
Forex is not a get rich quick means. Here is my advice: risk a little to make a little more, when you lose, lose a little, say 2% of your account; when you profit, make 3% of your account balance. Small steps will get you far in the long run.

Fairly good broker

It has been about 6-7 months since I opened an account with XM and I have found nothing wrong with them so far. They offered me a trading bonus of 50% when I joined them and still offer bonuses, sometimes 30%, sometimes even 100%. The spreads on the micro account were quite high but I switched to Standard straight away, as there is no restriction on the amount needed to open a Standard account. The spreads on the standard account are low, and trade execution is instant. Besides, XM offer trade calls twice a day on 10 instruments and have weekly webinars on technical analysis for free.

Interesting story.

sl/tp/modification orders for indices couldn’t be placed with the same conditions on android as on pc MT4 and the worst thing is they don’t care about it at all and think everything is working fine. I could compare the situation to that when someone is trying to prove about a black colored shirt that it’s a red one. So I gave up after several attempts. It’s up to you whom you do business with but I would better not waste my time on kind of people.

Be wary of this broker

I can’t add images to this review but people need to be wary of XM. I started with 200 Euros and had traded it to about 764 Euros. I withdrew 350 Euros on my wife’s advice. I then started trading with the remaining 414 Euros and managed to trade that to about 660 Euros. So, my initial 200 Euros was now almost 790 Euros in profit (including the withdrawal). At this point, everything went to shit, and within a week i have been stopped out, losing the entire account. There is a good explanation for this: XM trade against their clients; i have so many screenshots and examples of this it is not funny. I have traded for thousands of hours with four separate brokers and XM appears to be a bucket shop like most of them; they WILL trade your account out when it is going ‘too quickly into too much profit.» Why do i say this? Because the ‘high price’ for GBPUSD today (11/07/2020) was about 1.5549. My account was stopped out starting at exactly 1.5535 and ending at 1.5547 (less than ten pips below the ‘high’ for the day. This happened because i was unwise and held a BUY position for GBPUSD for the week, and although it was a small position (24 lots but with 888:1 leverage and about 700 Euros to hold it, which should have been OK since the margin required was initially only about 50 Euros, less than 10% of the Equity in the account). You need to pay attention to this fact: the ‘high’ of the day FOR THE GBPUSD was exactly less than ten pips from the price at which XM began to stop out my trades. It is also EXACTLY the same time that i withdrew 50 Euros from the account, which automatically killed the Bonus (i always forget that XM’s Bonus is a Trojan Horse as it is NOT cash at all), so my account Equity would then have been less than 100 Euros. This is because XM began selling against me at the beginning of the week, until i was stopped out. Although i worked very hard for 12 – 18 hours a day to stop them and hedged the ac unt to try and save it, I could not do so because XM staff or software either manually trade against their winning clients; or else their software is preconfigured (or updated during an ‘automatic background update’) to do so. WARNING: if you trade with XM and begin to make profits, be CERTAIN your account is automatically flagged to be killed off as a FIRST PRIORITY. If i could give ZERO or NEGATIVE STARS TO THE BASTARDS i would.

Good Service

I have an account with a number of different brokers. One of them is XM. I think there service is good. Their spreads are good and so are the bonuses. I am considering to trade with fewer brokers now and they are high in my list.

Garbage, Garbage, Garbage

Began trading with them, began profitable, then non profitable. They use a latency Plug in even though they say no virtual dealer plug in. . We were getting many second delays and would only open trades after they would open negative. Don’t let the high leverage suck you in. I did and lost.

It was Force Majuere and deleted my profitable trades

Pure scam which I have realized after spending 6 months with them. They trick you when you start to make money. They sometimes show network problem to lose you money. First time I thought they are good as you can withdraw money very quickly. Over the time I deposited and built my balance. After 5 months learning I started making money quickly. Now they showed me their real face. they shutdown one of their servers and made the clients lose money. After one day the said it was Force Majuere and deleted my profitable trades and kept the ones with loss. They restored trading position which is older than 2 days. In this process they took away $600+ from two of my accounts. I mailed them but they didn’t bother to answer any of my e-mails. When I went to live chat, they told me to contact with dealer1 & gave me lame excuses. You can’t call them because they don’t have any phone no. Next 2 days they took $100 more saying that they are adjusting my balance.When I checked all my transaction history & manually calculated my balance in Excel, I found another scam about their calculations.There should have been $400 more in my account which was missing. Again I mailed, again no answer. Now, after 6 months with them I have $169 and all profits gone. My total deposit was $350. So if you don’t want to lose money dont go with them.

The customer technical support are rude

The customer technical support are rude and won’t answer your calls. Application approval process is pathetic. Their demo account is reasonably ok. I guess if you have to deal with customer service, you need to have lot of patience!

Hope they are FCA regulated and authorized

I thinks guys throwing their anger of what it might happened for them with this Broker should realize and show the proof if it is really true to FCA and make a complaint about the Brokers then it makes sense.

hope it will help all

My Story With XM

After 4 years of collaboration with XM Trading Point and 6 months as official representative in Romania
After I got:
216 Real Accounts
16 Sub-Affiliates
A fake trade was placed by XM employee from inside XM
The fake trades ( 8715$) was come from inside the company..
XM did not want to recover my accounts.
The stupid move was done on past and now for two reason :
_To manipulate the markets using money from the controlled accounts at the same time
to temporarily push prices a few pips one way or the other and loosing them in the process while
front running the orders from his own account.
_To hurt XM trying to move our clients to another broker..
Read the full story on My Story With XM..

They are scammers.

They are scammers. If you make some profit, they will block your account and you will not be able to withdraw it. They can easily accuse you in cheating and cancel your profit.

Turning to become scammer of forex

I got a winning trade because of the news release then i withdraw my profit, after few days sent me an email state that they wont pay me the profit and just give back my deposit money and close my account. This was totally unfair, when losing trade they take accept your lose but when profit they wont pay to traders, now facing this problem was not only me, there are alot of trader facing the same issue waiting the reply from also


I have opened an live account and asked their support to call me back for inquiry.
So this broker soune to me is to encourage new commer to bet.
Because as I have understood how the bonus work .
For exp. You deposit first usd 1000 you will become immediately credited into your trading account by 1000 + 500 (welcome bonus), that means you can use that for leveraging = higher risk. However when you with draw your
Profit. Even partial, your bonus will be drawn. Until you make a new deposit then you get a 30 % bonus (loyalty bonus).
I understand that the bonus cannot be withdraw, but then in that case I have to withdraw the whole sum of my account (profit plus initial deposit)
And deposit again new deposit to get back 30 pct on that.
What a confuse. And expenses for the company.
The only convenient i the payment method.

Sorry for the bad reviews

Sorry, I didn’t say anything. But I hope this won’t happen again, because it’s really scary. This is finance we’re talking about here, so it’s not really easy to trust. But since I got paid back. Everything is OK. I believe that XeMarkets cares a lot about their reputation, that being said, I think we might have a serious broker here. And since you don’t try anything which go against their policy, you’ll make cash. And I think the policy is kind of fair. Every body wins,

#SORRY again for my first comment.

Shame on you!

Position closed while I was winning but I didn’t put any stop loss, and the margin call wasn’t even reached, but that’s not all, it closed 91 pips against me. 5h30 PM, and I’m not really happy at the moment, even if it is 15$, if they didn’t close the position, I would have made 45$. And I am not going to be content until I get that back! And by the way I think fsa and all the others they’re regulated with must know about this, and I am going to them with proofs. The account freezing happened so many times, but I didn’t care until now, and it just hit me that every time I ‘m about to make a big deal in little time, there are always problems. I was about to put 100000 with xemarkets, but now I’m scared more than ever. This has happened too many times.

Trading point proceed my deposits and withdrawals very fast

I am new to the platform, only used it for a month and so far, so good. My deposits and withdrawals are processed very fast, I received my 30% bonus and I am happy with the spreads.

I haven’t had a chance to experience their security systems – even if there are any security issues, I haven’t seen them and this is probably a good sign. I feel pretty comfortable trading with TP. I recommend them to anyone looking for a good broker.

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